Drinks & Dessert

 Photo by @312food 

Photo by @312food 


Kurdish Cookies & Tea For Two  8.50

Kurdish Baklawa  10.95
filled with goat cheese

Dark Chocolate & Pomegranate   9.95

Burned-Bottom Milk Pudding  6.95

Rice  Pudding & Apricot    7.95

Ask about our gigantic holiday pies! 


House Drinks

Apple Fruitbelt   3.50

Cherry Fruitbelt  3.50

Soft Drinks  4.50

Salgam  4.00

Cucumber Lemonade  4.50

Kurdish Tea  3.50

Iced Kurdish Tea  4.50

House Coffee  3.50

Kurdish Coffee  4.95

Turkish Coffee  4.25

Gundi Yogurt  4.00

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Beer & Wine 

The Gundis Kurdish Kitchen offers a great selection of local craft beers and a variety of fine wine. No outside alcoholic beverages allowed. No exceptions.